Match likes to send me statistics. As a number nerd, I rather like statistics, especially when they’re in an infographic. Like this one:



I don’t believe in love at first sight. This is especially true after I met Zachary Levi and he didn’t immediately fall in love with me; I was so sure our eyes would lock from across the theater, and he wouldn’t be able to rest until he met me and swept me off my feet… but no. Apparently not. Ergo: love at first sight is bunk.

The only thing he’s not allowed to talk about is politics. Debating is on my list of favorite things right after root canals, and no person in the history of ever can talk about politics without trying to prove that other opinions are wrong. He’s more than welcome to bring up religion or his exes, honestly; the way he talks about either of those topics will tell me a lot about him.

I definitely judge attire, not gonna lie, though I’m a fine one to talk with my jeans and Vans. A man in non-dad jeans, especially when it’s paired with a tailored blazer, just looks good. If he’s wearing Ed Hardy or anything bedazzled, peace out. He’s not allowed to sparkle more than me.

His car doesn’t matter so much as long as it’s not a hoarder’s paradise, although I do have a thing for men who drive SUVs and Ford trucks.

As for the tattoo judgment, I can’t say I’m surprised. I have two large tattoos, and if he has a problem with them, he doesn’t get to see them. Easy fix. Men who have ugly tats won’t get an immediate thumbs down, but I will say that there’s a sexy way to ink and a cover-that-up-immediately way. Random clip art thrown haphazardly on skin is just awkward.

In other news, has anyone else caught that new show on Bravo, “Online Dating Rituals of the American Male”? Like every other “reality” show, this one has to be scripted. Must be. There’s no way these people are that bad at dating… although my Dave & Buster’s date a few weeks ago would suggest otherwise.

I have a few ideas of things I want to try once I get back from Taiwan – rewrite my profile, send Match mail to a few guys who were immediate Yeses. That sort of thing. Until then, though, this blog will return to its originally-scheduled programming: I’m traveling, and I’m going to blog about it.

What a relief.