No time for regrets

Figuring out life by running directly at it.

About me

I come from a land with a reputation for cowboys, football, big hair, and twangy accents. I’ve come to a land where monks outnumber cowboys; football is played with a black and white ball; hair is straight and jet black; and the language sounds like you’re in trouble.

About to fly Dallas to Los Angeles

This Texan moved to Taiwan. I ride a scooter now instead of driving an SUV. I drink milk tea instead of Mountain Dew. I now speak slowly, deliberately, and use body language more than a professional mime. When we play Charades at home, I’m the one you want on your team because I’ve been practicing daily since late August 2010.

Well… I was. August 2012 found me on a plane, all my possessions in suitcases, bound for Dallas. I was moving back, no job lined up, no plan mapped out. When my family met me at baggage claim, it didn’t feel real; it was like moving back negated the previous two years, like I’d never lived in Taiwan.

It was weird. It was incredibly hard. I ended up in therapy because of it. Reverse culture shock, at least for me, was worse than culture shock.

Now I live and work in Dallas. My goal is to move somewhere more inspiring in the next couple of years. Until then, I enjoy my job, I love living near friends and family, and my apartment is my little slice of comfort in this big, crazy world.

My next adventure, hopefully, is right around the corner.

11 thoughts on “About me

    1. Thanks for looking around! The Texan in Taiwan scenario is a bit duller now that I’m back in Texas, but hopefully there’s another adventure on the horizon.

  1. I was searching the internet for a photo of one of those mugs from Neiwan! I was just there and bought a few myself…I love them! But I don’t remember what the handles were made of–that is, what type of tree? or was it a root?

    1. It’s wood, but we’re not sure what kind, and when she was etching it, we couldn’t smell it to identify it. Sorry to be completely unhelpful!


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