For eleven days I stayed with my sister; now I’m staying with my friends Mel and Mikey, who just welcomed (well, two months ago) their second son. Today was my first full day with them.

I’m exhausted. After negotiating all things baby today, even though I wasn’t even the primary, it’s 10pm and bedtime.

There are photos to post, thoughts to write, stories to tell. They’re coming. Some of them are even worth the wait.

Right now in my life I have one concern (save for the whole unemployment thing): I think I need a mentor or, at the very least, someone I can look up to.

I think finding a mentor will be harder than finding a job.

Someone I look up to, but can’t mold my life after for various reasons, is Sebastian Junger. He’s a writer. Find him here. Want to read about someone else who’s amazing? Here.

10:50. Time for bed. Lots to think about.