29 facts about this 29-year-old

  1. I’m looking forward to turning 30.
  2. I feel guilty if I don’t use both sides of a Post-it note.
  3. I have a lot of fun making tests for my students. Did Benjamin Franklin help write The Declaration of Independence or The Declaration of Incontinence?
  4. I believe that if I move to Boston, I will somehow run into Chris Evans, and he will instantly fall in love with me.
  5. It’s really hard for me emotionally to live in a society where I am unable to make small talk.
  6. I like the smell, but not the taste of coffee.
  7. When I see red and yellow, I think of ketchup and mustard. Red and green is Christmas. Red, yellow and green is ketchup, mustard and relish.
  8. When I see it spelled “catsup”, it reminds me of my mom. I don’t know why.
  9. I curse more often in Taiwan than I ever have in my life.
  10. My wardrobe is embarrassing.
  11. If I think about a specific word or phrase for too long, it starts to look and sound incorrect, and I second-guess myself when I use it.
  12. I don’t wear toenail polish because it stains my nails.
  13. Viggo Mortenson’s facial features reminds me of my dad. For this reason, some of his movies are really awkward for me to watch.
  14. I have an incredibly unreliable sense of smell.
  15. However, twice in the last two weeks I’ve smelled the rain from the 7th floor of an 8-floor building, in the middle of a windowless cube farm.
  16. I feel less feminine in Taiwan.
  17. I am hypercritical of men’s footwear.
  18. I refuse to use netspeak.
  19. In general, I hate using more than one exclamation point.
  20. I used to think Al Jazeera was owned by Al Qaeda.
  21. I don’t fix my hair in Taiwan because it gets ruined when I put on my helmet.
  22. War by Sebastian Junger is my favorite book.
  23. I don’t believe in love at first sight.
  24. I find it really strange to eat chicken and eggs in the same meal.
  25. I loathe politics.
  26. I wouldn’t ever want to be famous.
  27. “?!?” means excited question. “!?!” does not compute.
  28. I hate inconveniencing people.
  29. Sometimes I feel like I don’t appreciate my time in Taiwan enough.


  1. > I will somehow run into Chris Evans
    Judging by the Wikipedia picture, you can do better.

    > I am hypercritical of men’s footwear.
    Most men, by contrast, could care less about the subject.

    > I used to think Al Jazeera was owned by Al Qaeda.

    1. Ah, the Wikipedia picture is unfair. He’s Captain America. Also, if you haven’t seen it, watch the movie Sunshine (Danny Boyle film). Let me know what you think.

      My critical nature towards men’s footwear is completely hypocritical, since my own wardrobe and shoes are, in general, old or ill-fitting. But seeing a well-dressed man with his act together wearing a scuffed up pair of ugly shoes just kills it. Such a shame.

      “!?!”?!? Well played.

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