Tuesday, February 21, 2012, Charlotte flew across the Pacific Ocean.

Likely going through her head: "Woman, what is your problem? Why are you crying?"

She joined eight other TUAPA dogs on a Journey of Love to Seattle, Washington,

Johnny and Nalla, two of my favorite puppies at TUAPA, on their way to Seattle. I was so happy, but no one could tell for the blubbering and tears streaming down my face.

where she was united with her forever family.

Stretching her legs after a long flight

Thanks to the efforts of Johanna the Magnificent Wonder,

Johanna's blurry in person, too, because she's constantly on the go.

the incredible TUAPA staff and volunteers, Connie the Rockstar, Courtney the Fantastic, and, of course, Charlotte’s new Family Extraordinaire,

Once again being held, but this time by very happy people who are smiling.

the adorable little puppy formerly known as Nadine, then Charlotte, and now Nalla, is now home.

She has a brother, Ty, also a Taiwan dog.

They're the same age and both from Taiwan, but Ty was adopted when he was very young. Look at the difference in their sizes!
Protecting her toy from her brother. She's obviously vicious.

No longer does she have to be carried up and down stairs to get outside, and she can romp in the grass as often as her heart desires. She gets to explore Seattle with her new family.

Look at that dog. She's exactly where she's supposed to be.

And, if plans go accordingly, her front leg will be fixed.

Her right leg is the one that will be operated on.

Unable to move, in October 2011, Nalla was carefully picked up off the street by a TUAPA volunteer. Now, less than five months later, she’s in a happy, safe place. She’s home!

Nalla the Wonderpuppy!