Nanliao is the beach community closest to Hsinchu. It faces the South China Sea and features spectacular sunsets every once and a while. Official brown signs proclaim the 17 kilometers of scenic coastline, and on Sunday, February 19, a few of us headed west to rent bikes and see the scenery.

My roommate, Chocolate,

She's as lovable as she is fun.

our friends Allen

Poor guy didn't really have a choice - I made everyone put on The Glasses.

and Todd,

Werq it.

and I

I think they make me look smarter.

met up at a small bar and eatery, Dizzy Jungle.

Inside the Dizzy Jungle. It's a Cheers kind of place - where everyone knows your name, and they're always glad you came.

Across the street we rented bikes for 200nt each,

Chocolate getting help from A Pan (the chef at Dizzy Jungle) and the bike rental place's owner.

and soon we were cruising along the paved bike paths, our bodies getting used to the violating bike seats.

All smiles now: we didn't know what we were in for.
The beginning of the trail. It was at this point that we realized we'd already lost Todd. Allen doubled back to hunt him down.
My bike (foreground) and Todd's bike (background) and scenery. Postcard perfect.
Breathtaking, isn't it? Actually, at this point I was panting a bit thanks to a little hill.
Yes, there were five of us. Thanks to my being a complete ditz, I don't remember the tall guy's name. I do remember that he was nice.
Okay, so this part was pretty. I yelled, "STOPPING," much to no one's surprise, to take pictures.

17 kilometers from the start point were high-powered windmills and a small rest stop. We were all energized and happy.

Wo ai ni too, Chocolate.
Windmills are scattered throughout the area south of Nanliao, and you can easily walk up to the bases.
From this perspective, you can see just how incredibly muscular and strong my thighs are. That's why they look so big, obviously.
I finally ride to the destination of Hsinchu Citxy 17xHiBinckewiay!
"Hey, guys, the wind is starting to pick up."

Once we began our trek back to the start, the notorious headwind exhausted our legs and slowed our pace to a crawl. We didn’t take a break on the way back, and we were pretty sore once we returned the bikes to the bike shop. The weather was so rough that I had a windburned face.

Back in Nanliao, we drove to Aha’s, a pizza parlor, and devoured two pizzas.

The ceiling of the pizza parlor. I love this place.

Then we made our way back to Dizzy Jungle and shared two large bowls of delicious pasta created by A-Pan, the owner, as well as three slices of vanilla cake. We were beasts, especially Todd, who finished off every last noodle in the bowls.

Nanliao’s 17 kilometer’s of scenery: I’ve now seen it.