On both of my runs this week, including last night’s “Hit the Wall and Quit After 1.5K”, I’ve mentally composed blog posts that are less friendly than normal. I may still write them, but in honor of Canadian Thanksgiving, which we celebrated last Monday, in this post I’ll list a few things I’m grateful for.

I’m grateful I found Special K with strawberries at Costco. My roommates are thankful, too, judging by the nearly-empty bag.

A locked door in the middle of the second floor of Costco. Amy couldn't get out, poor thing.

I’m grateful Hannah’s mom let us borrow her oven to cook Canadian Thanksgiving dinner. It was like seeing an old friend, since I used it to cook our American Thanksgiving meal last year.

I’m grateful a series of routine tests at the doctor’s office cost me approximately $150 US. The same tests and medications in the United States would cost several hundred dollars.

I’m grateful my face did not freeze in one of the contorted poses I used in Hannah’s pictures from Monday night.

I’m grateful that each time I ran over my flip flop with the Costco cart, I missed my toes.

I’m grateful I got to chop vegetables with an extremely sharp knife. There’s a ridiculous level of accomplishment in using a knife that cuts like a samurai blade.

I’m grateful for the scent of sauteeing onions, peppers and celery. Yankee Candles should jar that up and sell it.

I'm thankful for TUAPA.

I’m grateful my fantasy football team didn’t totally tank. Thank you, Adrian Peterson.

(There are ten Ts in the previous bullet. Tubular.)

I’m grateful for Sally, an older dog at TUAPA that I had to carry to and from the playground. I fell in love with her after she pooped as I carried her.

My students like to draw poop.

I’m grateful I took a glorious, multi-hour nap on Saturday.

I’m grateful Chocolate, Cameron and I were invited to celebrate Boabi’s mother’s birthday with her family. I ate my first frog leg at dinner – tastes like chicken, but hoppier.

I’m grateful Cameron, Boabi and I visited a magic shop, where we were treated to free demonstrations given by a hilarious Taiwanese guy.

Everything in this picture has something to do with magic.

I’m grateful our fourth-floor balcony has a sweet view, and we might be able to bust the roof panel so we can have rooftop access.

I’m grateful Mom quadrupled my popularity rating by sending Reese’s Miniature Peanut Butter Cups.

I’m grateful Monday was a holiday.

I’m grateful I saw a man scooting with a black squirrel on his shoulder. This comes weeks after I saw a man scooting with a parrot. Stuff like that confuses my brain and makes me stop in the midst of the crazycrazycrazy and appreciate life.

I’m grateful my 6K time on hills now rivals my former 5K time on flats.

I’m grateful for days when I can see the mountains.

When Typhoon Nanmadol rolled past Taiwan, I took pictures of the mountains behind Nicola's house.