I’ve tried everything.

This is the third attempt because I kept giggling and ruining the shot. I ruined this one, too.

Write this post, delete it. Write it again, realize just how boring it was, delete it in a huff. Consider a pictures-only post… but I took very few pictures. There’s just no way around it – my stay in Texas was boring. I’m sure my mom considered filing her nails more exciting.

A spa pedicure and wrap in Dallas. One before I left for Taiwan, one nearly a year later. My poor feet deserved it.

Errands, jetlag, Taco Bell runs (judge away). Whoo! Exciting!

One of several fashionable options available at a Dallas Kohl's. Good work on that one.

I took a motorcycle certification course; I aced the course, then nearly bombed the test I had to take at the DMV. To top off that achievement, when I took the picture for my new drivers license, I managed both a double chin and the “I’m ten tequila shots in!” look on my face.

Driving from Dallas to College Station, Polo the pup on my lap. He's not depressed, just sleepy. My lap is comfy.

The trip was great. The write-up about this part of the trip: a cure for insomnia. Sorry.

Yeah, she's gorgeous. Kinda makes you angry, doesn't it?
My Kate Middleton smile.