Sunday, March 20, 2011

We scooted for 1.5 hours from Hsinchu into the mountains, Hannah at the helm. For half the scoot we were surrounded by signs and traffic. Once we finally made it to the mountains, it was green all around.
After climbing some steep hills, we made it to Lavender Cottage, a sprawling estate with a huge restaurant at the crest of the hill.
There were flowers, plants, trees and herbs growing all around the grounds in manicured gardens.
While we waited for a table, we wandered around a bit, finally taking up residence on two reclining chairs outside.
We snacked on lavender popcorn. Had I been alone, I probably would've tipped the contents of the bag into my mouth. It was delicious.
Lunch time! It was a four course meal, all aspects of which included lavender seasoning. Even my seafood soup had some in it. Those chefs know what they're doing.
It was a long, relaxing lunch. Hannah and I took turns taking pictures of each other in the afternoon light. This is her laughing after I assured her she was gorgeous.
After we ate, we walked through the gardens. They had lots of flowers, including bluebonnets, which prompted a quick celebratory jig on my part. Obviously, though, this picture is of lavender, and it looks incredible full size.
Walking back toward the entrance, there was a tree ornamented with hundreds of slips of paper that had prayers written on them.
The majority were written in Chinese, but a few were in English.
Of all the times to write something wrong, I did so on my prayer leaf.
We left for Hsinchu late and were scooting in the dark. Hannah's gas level was so low that she killed the engine on the downhills. After a few quick prayers and some excellent maneuvering on Hannah's part, we made it to a gas station and back to Hsinchu.