Here’s a ten minute video about driving in Hsinchu. I showed it to my dad a while back to see if it was remotely interesting, and he claimed it wasn’t a snoozefest. There are a few bumpy parts when the road was rough or my arm got tired, but it’s fairly smooth.

I like making videos; pictures and words are great, but videos make everything seem more real. Things are moving! Mandy’s really there! I’d love to be in front of the camera a little more, but when people see me in Photographer Mode, they put their cameras away and ask for copies of my pictures. I have no problem sharing, especially because people seem to enjoy what I’ve shot. But all my straight-armed, right-handed, same-amount-of-me-showing-in-every-shot self-portraits get a little tired. Consider Exhibit Beijing. These pictures were taken over the course of five days. I promise I changed clothes a few times: